Sunday, July 19, 2015

Summer Love: Playsuits

Hello everyone! Summer is the time when I feel like upgrading my closet to a whole new level by purchasing a bunch of new trending clothes. "The thing" for this summer seems to be the playsuits. I have never worn anything that is so comfy and easy to mix with different kind of accessories. Like always, I found my favorite playsuits from H&M: They have an amazing collection of different colored and shaped playsuits and I just need to buy them all! For now, I have settled for these three beauties but I have already couple new ones in my mind ;) I'll be posting soon some playsuit outfits so you can see how I like to style them! -sv-
H&M - 9,95€

H&M - 5€

H&M - 14,95€

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  1. Oooh the material of these 3 playsuits looks so comfortable. I love the flow vibes, definitely perfect for summer ;)
    I love playsuits for summer (more than summer dresses at times!! :O) because its just so comfy and effortlesss!)

    x Carina
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