Monday, July 13, 2015

Instagram Diary - Part 3

There is no such thing as too many sunglasses // Beach time!! // First sunbathe of this summer //Just a normal day at work // I love my workplace so much that I can't stay away even for a day off :p  // "True fan" (hanging out with my cousins before they went to the 1D concert)  // I have bleached my hair a bit by bit for a while and now I'm ginger!! I'm planning to go for blonde, though // Architecture at modern art museum, Kiasma // To buy or not to buy was my question and I ended up not to buy it which I now regret deeply... // More architecture at a library in Kaisaniemi // The landscape of Helsinki, gosh how much I love this city // Hipsterious moment with my favorite shades and 5-panel // Hot chocolate with macarons, yummy!! // Perfect morning with Shakespeare // My burlesque outfit for my friend's bachelor party // Selfie time ;)

Instagram: @sennav