Thursday, July 3, 2014

June Favorites

1. Why do I have sweater in my JUNE favorites? Well, the answer is simple: FINLAND. This summer has been something that I wouldn't even describe as a summer unless I knew better. However, thanks to the cold rainy days I picked up this amazingly beautiful trio-colored sweater. It is quite light so it's perfect for this sweet Finnish weather (sun,rain,sun,snow,rain).

2. I'm so in love with this neon dress! I bought it from H&M (surprise!) and it was only 10 euros. The fabric is so light and soft, and the v-shaped back is just gorgeous. Perfect summer dress!

3. Nothing feels as wonderful as finding a perfect pair of jeans, right? Well... I haven't find them yet, so no idea how that feels like... I'm too short and too skinny for all of the jeans they sell, so it is impossible to find perfect ones. These ones aren't too long and they are enough skinny for me but I seriously hate them, like hate hate, because the waist is too low. Aaand why are they in my favorites? Well, they look so damn good on me, that's why! What wouldn't I do to look good! Many things actually...

4. My favorite makeup brand of the month is.... eBay! Yeah, I've been buying a lots of stuff from there lately, but the products have been surprisingly good! I'll probably do another post about eBay later, but I need to hype couple things right now: 88 pcs eye shadow palette and 32 pcs makeup brush set. Amazing. Just amazing. The bobbi pink lipstick is also from eBay, very bright and beautiful color, love it. And the bottle with the yellow stuff: I have been over using gold glitter lately (eyes, nails, friends' eyes), but it just makes everything look more partyparty, if you know what I mean.

5. This is the first (and hopefully the last) underwear I've ever favorited haha! I saw it in H&M and wanted it right away but I just couldn't find my size, so I went to several H&M and finally I found a suitable one! It was worth it, I just want to wear it everyday! 

6. Like I have told, I don't visit second hand stores too often, but when I do, I always find something cool! This time I came across with this cute denim jacket that cost only 3 euros! I'm so happy with it, how could someone give it away? Fortunately for me, they did, because none of my summer outfits would look so good without it.

7. Some wise blogger wrote once that if you have a heart shaped head, you should use kind of cat eye styled sunglasses. Since my head is one hell of a heart, I gave it a try. I bought these "Breakfast at Tiffany's" glasses, like my friend calls them, and I have to admit that the wise blogger was right! They look pretty nice on my heart shaped face.

8. Palladium boots. The best shoes ever! Or at least they are better than normal sneakers just because of the thicker sole. I first thought that they are hard to style but now I wear them with almost anything. Only thing that bothers me is that mine are white. Actually they were white until this one little genius decided to use them on a rainy day. Not so white anymore. 



  1. I finally found my perfect jeans last week, try river island's lana jeans - they're amazing! loving that denim jacket and sunglasses too :)


  2. Great post and sometimes I buy makeup from ebay and think some of the quality is amazing <3
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