Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Girl Crush: Lauren Curtis

Lauren Curtis, Australia's top beauty vlogger and a great source of inspiration for thousands around the world. I am definitely one of them, because I looove Lauren! She's so funny and beautiful and I think that I have never ever learned so much by watching youtube videos!

It seems like her list of ideas is endless; every video of hers is full of new techniques and tricks that I have never even thought of. She normally posts quite dramatic makeup looks but there is also lighter looks for those who aren't so comfortable wearing such a lot amount of makeup. Her looks are easy to copy or use as a base for creating your own look. There are so many different looks for different kind of events that I bet that everyone can find something inspiring from her channel!

What comes to her looks, she is gorgeous! I adore her straight platinum blonde hair and her naturally beautiful face. I actually think that she looks most beautiful at the start of the videos when she hasn't any makeup on! I wish I had that too... Her style is quite simple but classical. She loves to wear black and white outfits with some modern twist on them.

The best thing about Lauren, is that even though she is extremely famous, beautiful (and probably rich), she hasn't let it go to her head, and that's something I really appreciate. She seems to be quite down to earth person and she's never afraid to fool around and be her delightful self. That's what makes her videos even more lovable!

She has really struck up my love for makeup and vlogging. I think I didn't know what a countour brush was before...  And the cherry on top of the cake is that she is Australian! I love their accent and everything about them! Oh, she is just perfect, isn't she?

Don't forget to check out her amazing Youtube channel, and also, her Instagram is quite followable too ;)


  1. I love Lauren Curtis as well! She is an amazing makeup artist and I love all her looks. She is so gorgeous and it doesn't matter what makeup she is wearing, it's always amazing on her!
    Tanja Mortensen

  2. I love Lauren Curtis <3 I think it makes a person super attractive when they have all the success but they never let it get to them :D
    Sensitive Epidermis | Rainbow

  3. I love Lauren Curtis especially the first one, so naked make up and charming too.