Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Something weird called nail art

Here it is: the nail post that I've been talking about. Finally!

So, I loooove nail art. I mean LOVE LOVE! Nail art is just like jewelry, it is always a perfect detail for an outfit and there are so many different designs that you won't ever get bored! Best part is that they are quite easy to do by yourself if you have the right supplies. I usually buy my polishes from regular clothing stores such as H&M (yeah, I kind of buy everything from there... If they only sold food...) but all the glitters and highlighting things are just from different craft shops. So, you don't have to use harebrained amount of money to get your nails done! If you just use your imagination, you can make dotting tool from a staple or a mixing bowl from an easter egg. I often seek for nail art inspiration from the internet but I always like to add something of own to my designs so that my nails would be "unique"

But now, here they are, the best of my nail art designs. Sorry for the bad quality, these pics are from my instagram (which you are free to check out from here: @sennav). If you want to know how I have done any of these, just comment below! I would love to teach some nail art to you! Actually...I've been thinking, should I start to post tutorials in here? Not just nail art, but some DIY and maybe some beauty tips..? Let me know what you think!



  1. Lovely nail art designs, I used to be into nail art so much I had all the thin brush ones that I bought from my local hair shop lol. Nail art is just so fun! I love the ombré and glitter one that you've done. You should definitely do more nail art posts you've actually inspired me to get back into doing more with my nails. Me being a new follower I'm looking forward to your posts :)

    Flaws For Days x

  2. love it, very nice!!!


  3. Your nail art is FAB! I love the triangle one the most. x


  4. Lovely nail art :)
    and a wounderful blog <3 now I follow you !
    Maybe you want to visit my blog too ?