Tuesday, January 7, 2014

December Favourites

Yes, I know, I'm a bit late with this but here we go:

1. I found this beauty from second hand store and it cost just 2,50€! I bought it right away and I've been wearing it everyday since that.

2. This kind of shirt has been quite much in use since it goes so well with sweaters. A bit of hipsterious though, but don't we all just love it, right?

3. The winter has been surprisingly warm in here so this kind of crop top has end up into most of my outfits during December. It suits perfectly with skirts or high waisted jeans. Mine just has "LUX LUV" text on it.

4. H&M sells this type of pencil skirts in many different colors, and I'm proud to admit I have four of them. They are just so cheap (3€ on sales, 5€ normally), so simple but beautiful and they look great with almost every top I have. I especially love the fact that you can mix them with peplum tops, and it seems like you have dozen of different kind of dresses! Marvelous, I'd say.

5. My favorite shoes during December were a pair of gray boots that I bought a year ago. They just look so good with jeans! And frankly, they make me look taller...

6. You may wonder that I earlier said, it has been quite warm in here, so why am I having this Eskimo park in my favorite list. Well, don't forget that we're still talking about Finland. Even if the weather is warm, it rains a lot, so I have found the furry hood and the waterproof material quite useful.

7. Santa didn't fulfill my wish for a liquid eyeliner, so I bought it by myself. The best purchase ever!

8. Last summer I found the greatest perfume ever from H&M. Yeah, I know it's not Chanel or anything but it smells like heaven! But the thing was that I couldn't find another bottle of it. Well, when I went to Christmas shopping I ran into it again, and I bought two bottles even though the old one is still half full. And it's a 60 ml bottle!

9. Pink was the color of December, at least when it comes to lipsticks. I love the way it makes the whole make up look more glamorous!

10. The reason why there is a pile of red fairy dust in the picture, is that I used it for my New Year's nails. They looked gorgeous! I'll post a pic of them later.


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