Monday, December 2, 2013

Zuhair Murad Spring 2014 RTW

To entertain myself on this lazy Monday, I  scrolled through some fashion collections until I stumbled into Zuhair Murad's Ready-To-Wear collection for the coming spring. His work isn't too familiar to me, since I'm more of a fan of the street fashion and don't really follow fashion shows, but I have run into his name couple times and now that I saw what kind of masterpieces his brand makes, I'm shamed that I haven't taken a closer look at his collections before. 

When it comes to fashion, to my mind,  there is nothing more amazing than gorgeous evening dresses that make your heart take a break for a second. Well, practically, I was dead for a few minutes when going through Murad's collection since every dress made my heart skip some beats. The way he uses see-through lace and different shaped cutouts and actually just everything in his dresses is perfect. The brand definitely gets its name on my fairly short list of fashion brands that I love in every way.

I know the collection is a spring collection but since it's pre-Christmas party season and the colors of the dresses are quite Christmasy, I thought that you could get some party dress inspiration from Murad's collection so I picked up my favourite looks for you. Hope you love them as much as I do!




  1. AAAW thank you for those pictures, they are amazing... such a style!!! I want all of their dresses, they are so feminine... :)

  2. enchanting collection with an aristocratic twist I would say:)
    you have such a nice and interesting blog, let's follow each other?


    1. Thank you for the comment :) I liked your blog, followed! xx