Sunday, September 8, 2013

Helsinki Fashion Weekend

A week ago we had this amazing event here in Finland, called Helsinki Fashion Weekend. It was finnish version of those great Fashion Weeks all around the world, but because we are talking about Finland, it lasted only over the weekend. But I'm thankful even for this shorter version, because before this, Finland didn't really have any bigger fashion events. Of course we had this Fashion Fair thing but it was more about buying things than finding an inspiration, which was the main deal for me at the HFW. However, this three-day-event was sold out quite quickly, and I almost had to sell my other kidney to get the tickets even for a day. Fortunately that one day was pretty amazing, so no hard feelings.

One of the reasons why I loved the event was that it was a street style heaven. I have never seen so many perfect looks at the same time! I tried to capture the magic of the moment, but I didn't really want to come off as a stalker so there aren't too many photos to show, but here are few of them:

 The event included two fashion shows: the first one introduced fall trends from brands like Only and Gant, the other one was for celebrate finnish model agency Paparazzi's 30th birthday. In the latter, there were some of the most experienced finnish models like Kim Herold, and the clothes were designed by wonderful designers, like my very own favorite finnish fashion designer, Mert Otsamo. Here are some of the best looks from both shows:

 That's that for now. I'm going to post my own look tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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  1. Hienoja kuvia. harmi kun en päässyt tällä kertaan :(

    xoxo Gozika