Saturday, July 13, 2013

Stuff, Stuff, Stuff

It's been eight weird, beautiful, crazy months since I hanged the puzzles of my mind on the wall  for the cruel world to see. In other words, this blog of mine has been alive for 8 months now (yippee). To celebrate this monthversary thing wildly I decided to open up a new section in here. Yeah. More craziness coming. I know.

So, this new section is called "Stuff" (how unic...) because I'm gonna post there, well, stuff. Creative, isn't it. To put it briefly, this section is a place where I will open my crazy artistic side to you and you can jump off a bridge for seeing something so terrible. So, it's kind of like all the other stuff in this blog but it include things that didn't fit under any other categories like photographies, drawings and other creative stuff (I haven't really figured out yet what that might be) made by me .
To get this party started, here is a new section in this section (I'm more confused than you are): Disaposable Camera photos! Yay. Doesn't sound as cool as it is.

For all those hipsters out there, no, I'm not actually using any cool 90's retro camera or whatsoever, even though my heart craves for those God masterpieces, I'm only using this unbelievable amazing app on my not so amazing phone. It name is... Disaposable! Didn't see that coming, did ya? Basically, it's this camera app with which you can take photos (no kidding) that looks old and stylish. Best thing, surprisingly, is that when you take pictures you can't see how they turn out until you have used the whole roll of 24 photos, just like in real disaposable camera. It's always thrilling when you have finished the roll and you are about to see all those photos full of memories. Yes, it sounds kind of dull and all but when you use it you gonna know what I mean. There is only that one little problem that the app is no longer available for download. However, those dozen of people who already has it in their phones can still use it and show off for their friends how cool photos they have taken.

I'm gonna post the best photos of my rolls, here comes the first collage. Hope you enjoy. SV

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