Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sorry's not good enough

So, I'm back.

A friend of mine talked about starting a blog, which woke me to the reality of having a blog too (sorry about that). So, here I am trying to find something interesting from my brain to share with you, my lovely puppies. Grossingly cutest thing I've ever said. Puppies. Ugh.

Well, straight to the point: Like the title says, sorry's not good enough for the fact how poor house keeper I have been for you but I'm still gonna try to win you back by saying I'm sorry (and please don't rip my head off). I just got my life so crowded with stuff like, well, yoloing (yes, that's a word) that I haven't really had the time to post anything here. It's weird how busy I feel when I'm on my "holiday" (should be doing all grown up's things and all). Even weirder is that when in winter I wish for summer to come so I could wear all those wonderful 101 dresses I have in my closet but when the heat is actually burning my skin I tend to chose those boring pair of shorts and a white bland top. Although my top says "swag" and all, that outfit isn't really enough photogenic for me to capture it and this is why I haven't even been able to post looks. But this thing is definitely gonna change in the future, for example tomorrow I will finally post my graduation look's details, if the internet God is on my side (He hated me today).

Yeah...This is me crazy talking again but I thought that it would be nice to see some letters for a change, so you wouldn't actually think that I'm dead or a robot or something. However, all I'm trying to say is that I'm gonna improve some things (like posting more often) so you people could have more pleasent 13 seconds of imagination.


P.S. I did some DJ:ing couple times in these lost times, so gonna post lots of marvelous sounds soon. So do not change the chanel if you like to hear the best of my DJ gigs. :)

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