Monday, January 21, 2013

Pure nonsense is my middle name

Hello there.

It's been while since I posted any of my twisted thoughts in here, so I was thinking that now is quite good time to give a glimpse of the hurricane in my mind.

So here we go.

They say that writers worst fear is blank paper. Well, my worst fear is those big-headed, ugly-faced moths and I can ensure you that after having thousands of panic attacks when I got stuck in a room with one even more hysteric monster bug of those, the empty paper doesn't really give the creeps to me at all. Although, I'm not a real writer either.
  Especially lately my paper has been more than full, it has been overflowing like those little half dead creeks in early spring days. I've been feeling, hearing, seeing, doing, even tasting millions of new things. Feels like my senses have been turned into this outstanding mode, so I can receive all the inspiration of this galaxy and find the pure feeling of creativity... Not. Just getting my brain twisted. Having million ideas at the same time doesn't really help me to write or do anything creative at all. Let alone concentrate on one thing at a time, like school, conversations, breathing...
  This text is a quite good prove, to me at least, of the odd positive mess that I'm having in my head right now. I just had this inspiring feeling, so I took the pen to my hand and wrote my mind empty, or in real world, I just tapped little digital letters to my tablet but I think you got the point.
  Seriously, I shouldn't be allowed to write after midnight since I get this weird crazy talk mode everytime. Hopefully this didn't make sense to any of you. If so, my intentions has came up roses.


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