Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Who, what, why..?

At this point, who, what & why are the questions, I guess.

So, who am I? In a nutshell, like they like to put it,  I am 17 years old girl from Finland. But when taking off the outer layer, there reveals something much more: An artist. Or that's what I like to think of myself, mostly because I'm fascinated by all forms of art, from body painting to short films. I also practice plenty of them: acting, dancing, fashion, writing, drawing and so on. Of course I'm amateur in most of them but I also have my good moments, sometimes. The reason why I'm into so many things is because I'm desirous of everything at the same time, like Jack Kerouac once said. In other words it means that I want to do everything, see everyhting, feel everything as fast as possible. This is why I have taught to myself Scouse and few other accents, I know how to say sea turtle in sign language, I remember the recipe of macarons by heart and I speak 5 different languages. Things just pops into my head when I'm bored and you can't believe how fast and often I get bored. Only desire of mine that has lasted long is passion for arts. It has changed along the road, but after all it's still there.

Well, that's enough about me.

The next question is what. This blog is about life. Not just my life, but life in general. My theme is inspiration, so I share things that inspires me or things that I wish to inspires someone else. Into these two categories fits for example inspirating pictures, songs and some art stuff I have made (mostly looks or some words I believe to be wise but they really aren't). And of course, like the title says, this blog is  also about imagination, though I hope you use more than 13 seconds to explore this odd imagination land.

Finally, we get to the why. Six months ago I had this feeling that I need to write something. Thanks to wonderful blogs that I was following, I realized that blogging could be the way out of that feeling, so i started to built up my own blog. After several frustrations with the title and couple other stuff, I finally survived to this very moment. yay.

That's that then,


ps. My first language isn't english, so if you see something incorrect, please let me know. But don't be nitpickers, ok?

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